Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So I guess I'm starting a blog

I've been debating for a while on weather I should start one or not and finally decided to just make myself do it. This is probably the best time to start a blog in my life. I've always tried to keep journals and I just get sick of handwriting them so I never finish so hopefully this will work out lots better.

I don't have much time today to go into details about my life so I'll just start with a few facts of whats going on and elaborate later on when I have access to internet and the time to write it all out.

I'm 19, single, LDS (sort of inactive but becoming more active at the moment), and was born in California but I was raised in Utah from the time I was two and a half. I'm roughly seventeen weeks pregnant. I actually get to have my first ultrasound this monday and hopefully find out if I'm having a boy or a girl. I'm currently working through LDS Family Services in AF to make a decision through facts and through the Lord weather I should go with adoption, being a single mom, or trying to make marraige work out with the birth father. I have recently started DBT therapy about a month or so ago after I was diagnosed with BPD. I will be attending this therapy for at least a year. Research shows within six months to six years, people with BPD have recovered and no longer have the symptoms to be diagnosed with BPD. So through this therapy and this journey I'm on with being a single pregnant teenager, I should be starting a drastically new life within this next year. It's been hell so far, and I'm sure the worst is not over yet, but I've grown more in the last three months then I think I ever have in my entire life.

Trials are blessings they say.. Lets see if I can get through mine.


  1. Mel, you are so great! :) I'm excited for you to have this baby and know that whatever you figure out will be the best thing. I'm glad life is getting better for you- you're in my prayers!

  2. Good Morn dear sister and welcome to the blog world! Where all of your tears, fears and joys can be written.