Friday, May 28, 2010

me time

i've really just forgotten how much i just NEED my me time. i guess i don't ever think about it but being on vacation right now is a reminder of this. i find myself spending, or wanting to spend, more time away from everyone else on that particular vacation then spend time doing things there. i've enjoyed having the time to sit back, relax, feel my babies movements in my belly (and guess how it's positioned in there lol), read, nap, watch tv, and just sit quietly. tis weird cuz these things are kinda out of character for me haha.

oh and i swear all i want to do is plan baby stuff now. it's on my mind 24/7. i definitely have baby on the brain haha. :]

ohhh.. and btw, i've made my decision about keeping the baby/placing the baby for adoption soooo.. i'll have to post that up here soon and what helped me get to that decision. :] :] :]

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