Monday, May 3, 2010

When it rains

it pours. but after every storm, there's a rainbow.

I've been dedicating myself to a ridiculous amount of self change and also decision making surrounding my child and it's been so hard.. so many obstacles keep arising. every time i take a step forward, i feel like i get pushed two more steps back. i'm so blessed to have this life though, and to be going through this trial right now, because i am learning and growing sooo much from it, and i get to see God's hand in almost my every day life. i'm proud of how much i've grown, i just hope i have the strength to keep on and keep growing and learning like i have been. i've never been through a harder challenge in my life, but i've also never been so blessed in my life.

it feels great to have the church in my life again, and to be changing myself for the better.

yes, this really did just come from the girl with tattoos and a lip ring :]

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  1. Its amazing when you come back. The gift of the Atonement is so incredible! I remember how powerful the spirit was when I was repenting.