Sunday, August 21, 2011

chuh chuh chuh chaaaaanges!!

Who am I kidding, walking around like an adult? Lol. Like really, I wonder if it's just as hard for everyone else to become an adult as it is for me. I knpw its especially hard for me because I'm a single parent but still.

I cried when I was leaving my parents house tonight to go on my way to spend my first night at my new apartment. The place is great, I'm excited for the change, but.. that's just it. Its another huge change. And I think that just hit me.

New apartment. New area. New neighbors. New ward. New babysitter. New school schedule. New routine with my baby who is now a toddler. Gotta make new friends since all of mine are gone are not so fit to be friends.

Its just hard to swallow at first.

I know this is the right place for me to be so I'm trying to put faith in the lord and just take the leap into my new life, despite my overwhelming amount of anxiety.

Did I mention that I have mass amounts of social anxiety?? Well.. I do lol. Specially in church. I just get really awkward and unfriendly.. makes it fun to make new friends :/

Lol so I'm praying a lot and doing my best and letting god make up the rest.

I am super stoked to be here though, starting fresh. I'm feeling happy. I'm in love with the new apartment. I have high hopes for the next step in my life. I have faith that god will work everything out.

Well.. wish me luck!! :)

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