Monday, August 8, 2011

epic basketball fail

so visits with the baby daddy can get pretty boring and awkward when i have to supervise them.. so i decided to have us take the little one outside in the complex and have him play on the grass. I grabbed my basketball because i figured if i had a spare minute, i'd play. Well Rowan's dad was watching him so i decided to shoot some hoops. I'm pretty friggen decent for not playing in forever. I made a fair amount of baskets. Well i decided they were probably getting bored of watching me, so i came out to play with rowan.. and his dad entered to play. he barely made like any baskets!! haha i was giggling so hard inside thinking.. oh, you've just been owned by a girl, who's your baby mamma, who you dislike lol. after a bit, i walked in there holding rowan and started shooting hoops one handed.. and still i schooled him. then he gave up and played with rowan while i shot a few more hoops. haha it was all friendly competition.. if it even was really competition.. but it sure was entertaining that i totally whooped him! i beat another boy a few weeks back also. i'm on a roll!!

and rowan found a tiny rock on the court and played with with that thing for like a good twenty minutes, i swear. it was hilarious and sooo cute!! i just love his little personality and how it shines through more and more each day. he's just hilarious!! and soooo weird lol just like me i guess. well thats it for now!

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