Wednesday, August 10, 2011

/flex list

Haha I just saw a ford flex.. which inevitably makes me think of two f words: fugly and /flex (you wow fans will appreciate that) hahaha ohhh I'm a dork.. anyway so it seemed fitting for the name of my new post and list of things I want and don't want in a guy.. flexman!! Haha no that's terrible. We'll think of something better to call him later. In fact, I'm open to suggestions haha. So hurrrrr weeeee go!!


So the first thing I really know that I need in a man is someone who likes children, more importantly my child, and wants a family.. an eternal one. Shocker right?! I'm looking for someone to BUILD A FAMILY WITH!! Someone who adores my little man as much as I do!! And I understand that that is asking a lot of someone, to take on thre responsibility of being a husband AND a father but.. I'm a package deal. Think of it more as a two for one, buy one get one free, as opposed to something negative. It's like a bonus! Like getting something an extra prize in your cereal box!!

I also need someone who can handle my baggage. Yes, i know that's a lot to ask for, be let's be real about this people. I have a LOT of baggage. I mean I'm working through things but my past is still my past. I can't change my past, only my future. And honestly, I want someone to LIKE that I have the strength to go through so much; to know that I have been placing in my life and it has helped me become who i am and understand so much more about this world. I want this flex guy to see it as an asset, not JUST a drawback. And i say it like that intentionally because sometimes it WILL be a drawback.. but most of the time, i want it to be a positive and not a negative.

One thing that seems kinda stupid but I've found that I really appreciate is when guys are affectionate. I'm a really affectionate person and have realized through the relationships i've had, I kinda have a need to be affectionate and have it be returned. It seems dumb.. and i don't want you to think i'm one of those creepers who is alllll over their boi and their boi is all over them. negatory. i just like small affectionate, non-awkward things. no need for the PDA po-po haha :p

I think for me as a person, it's important for me to be able to laugh.. but also be able to take things seriously. I need a guy who will be able to make me laugh but also know when it's time to be cereal.

I am seriously not attracted to people that don't read, are not smart, and are not weird like me. I just feel as though we have nothing in common haha. I know that sounds dumb but for real.. we need to be able to have HP and LOTR convo's, have weirdo inside jokes, i need to be able to be myself around you, and also have intelligent conversations. period. lol.

Someone who can be emotionally supportive. I can be emotionally intense, in good and bad ways, and I'd like someone who can support and understand that.. and even compliment that.

I have a passion for movies and the outdoors. I'm not like the, hey likes hike and bike and hanglide type.. more like the, lets fish and camp and star gaze or sit out in nature type. I also love love love me a good movie or tv series. It's hard for me to relate to people that don't like these things. juss sayin.

I have a passion for fashion.. and you don't have to have one if you wanna date me, but its a pet peeve of mine when you don't appreciate it when i take the time to make myself look pretty for you, and you could care less. I wanna be appreciated. I want to know you think i'm beautiful. and yes, i wouldn't be stating this if i didn't have a problem with it in relationships of the past.. more than once haha.

Mr. Right must be a hardworker. People that aren't very motivated or are not hardworkers drive me nuts. I come from a family of hard workers. I'm a hard worker. I don't like to be in relationships where i'm the only one who works hard towards something. I'm verrry motivated and hard working and i'd like you to be too.

I also feel as though I need someone who likes to talk as well as listen. I like to gab. a lot. shocker, i know haha. But i hate it when i gab and mister doesn't listen, or mister listens and says noting.. it's awkward!!! it's worse than them talking too much!!

I'll keep adding to this as i go along.. this is definitely a post that is a work in progress :D

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