Wednesday, August 10, 2011

moves like jagger

Haha that song came on the radio right when I was thinking of posting this so I had to!! Lol. You'll forgive me. Well! There I was in a little botique in pleasant grove called the clique, getting a pedicure (go there, its amazing) and after I finished my subway sandwhich (no advertising at all in this post lawl) I decided to read a magazine. I thought it looked rather interesting. Come to find out there was only one good article. One! And guess what it was on?? Dun dun DUN!!!!! Dating!! But it actually had some rrreally good advice so I decided i'd share it and share my.. we'll call it grocery list for men and then also what I don't like in a man (you'll see why). Wow I'm using a lot of perenthesis today. A bloggers best friend?? Mehbee. Haha ohhhhkay.

Side note, I haven't eaten since lunchtime yesterday. Or had anything to drink.. cuz I'm out of change. But srsly that potato bug thing keeps playing in my mind and grossing me out. Haha and no, I'm not usually the type to skip meals. I eat twice as much as you. Yeah, you. Its just I hate gross stuff like that! I gag just thinking of it lol.

Anyways!! So it was an article in a magazine (the name of which esscapes me) and it was a lady who was married with two kids, her husband died, and got remarried. She seemed to have a better perspective on what she wanted because it was the second time she was choosing. She said she had a friend ask her what she should look for in a man and she said that the usual list of cute, smart, funny, and rich was overrated and dumb cuz they can lose the looks, sometimess smarts come in different ways, funny won't always help you, and they can run out of money. The big thing that stuckout to me was when she said, the best way to find the right qualities is start with the wrong ones. Look at the things that don't work for you or haven't worked so well with past relationships.. personalize it to you. Her examples were that her last husband didn't know what he wanted to do. He made good money but was never happy with his job she wanted to find a new hubby who loved what he did. Or that she had baggage from her last hubby dying, so she wanted a new hubby without baggage

And idk, maybe this is just a revalation to me but for real.. this opened my eyes lol. I've recently been thinking I should write a man quality list since I've been dating around and have kinda refined my idea of the man of my dreams. And idk, I thought this was a good and new perspective on how to write that out!! So I'm gonna attempt to write a list of what I want and do want.. except its gonna be on another post. So bear with me lol.

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