Sunday, August 21, 2011

The spirit behind the tattoos

I feel like this is turning into a spiritual blog lol. I'm trying to decide if i'm going to start a blog that's dedicated just to my spiritual thoughts and try to write a new post every Sunday. I feel as though writing my promptings, experiences, etc down, not only help me clarify in my mind what i've felt or heard, but help me remember- plus it's nice to be able to look back at what i've written in the past cuz i know for me, there's always room to improve on the spiritual side of things.

Today we talked about families in church and the responsibilities of the Mother, Father, and Children.

Now, this could be a huge sore spot for me because when it comes time to talk of the roles of the father, feelings of guilt and sadness come up because my son does not really have a father.. yet. I just have to keep tacking that yet on to help me feel better about myself haha. But today, i allowed the spirit to quiet those feelings of sadness and look at things more objectively instead of emotionally.

It was very interesting to me that they had a lesson on this but the more they talked, the more i understood why. Our roles in the family unit are the most important roles we have because the family is the most important unit on the earth.

i know. i didn't get this until i became a mother. Since then, my idea or perspective of life has changed tremendously.

If you ever are searching for a good read and are a girl, find the book called "I am a mother". Most phenominal thing i've ever read. sounds cheesey, right? i assure you, if it wasn't good, i wouldn't read it.

the world belittles the role of a nurturing mother. we are made to feel inadequate in our roles as women because we aren't the breadwinners. but guess what? every child we have is a child of god. and our responsibility to that child? to bring them back to their heavenly father.

how powerful is that? we're responsible for that person getting to where they need to be. often we don't think about it in this way. we think about it as "womens work". and srsly, i crack a fair few kitchen jokes about women myself, but all joking aside, women are the glue in the family.

I can testify to you firsthand that being is mother is the most important thing you'll ever do. I cannot tell you how much closer to the spirit i have been since the moment i got pregnant with my son. The birth of my son was one of the most spiritual experiences of my life. Whenever I get a fathers blessing for myself, I get blessed for my son Rowan. I've always been pretty in touch with the spirit and promptings, but that has exploded tenfold since i've had my son. Since i'm the only family he has, i am the leader of the household, and i can testify to you that i can feel that also.

The role of being a parent isn't just changing diapers and making them food (haha), the role is a spiritual one.

it is to be in touch with the spirit so you can have the right direction to be able to bring these precious spirits back to their father in heaven.

and yeah, sometimes it's hard to see it like this. i mean look at your parents. yeah, right now. no just kidding. but look at them and look at what they do.. that's gonna be you!! you're gonna do everything they do!! scary huh?

but it's sooo fulfilling. I promise you.

and now my kid is awake so i best stop rambling.

but i challenge you to look at your life right now and if you are not yet married or a parent, prepare to be one. and if you are a parent, try to better yourself. when i first became a parent, i thought it was all about learning what temperature a fever is and how to dicipline, but it's also learning to incorporate family prayer, fhe, scriptures, and gospel doctrine in your home.

i know me, with my harsh look and lack of church that i've gone to in the last few years, i've had a hard time doing this, but i've noticed that as i've tried my hardest to do these things and done my best, that the lord makes up for the rest. and you will feel his spirit, and you will know these things to be true. amen.

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