Tuesday, August 16, 2011

You got served

So super unexpectedly, I ended up having to move on Sunday and Monday instead of Friday and Saturday which kiiiiinda sorrrrta made my week turn upside down. I didn't have anything really packed or ready but the kitchen stuff (thank goodness my mom and sister had that packed up of i would've been sooo screwed). Anyways, I called some people last minute, as did my mom, and we got a random team of people together to help me move. I was SO incredibly overwhelmed that all I could think about was just getting the task ahead of me FINISHED! I didn't think much about how much these people were giving to help serve me. My stuff ended up getting moved mostly by people who were just friends, not family. I mean yeah my family helped but my friends put in wayyy more hours. And it didn't really hit me until one of my friends thanked me for letting him serve me. He was thanking me!! He had just lugged endless amounts of my CRAP around and he was thanking me for being able to do so. But then it hit me. Selfless acts for others.. So Christlike. That's a lot of what missionary work is. And honestly, I think I need to incoporate it into my life a little more. It was just interesting because i've been on the other side of the fence, being served, ever since I got pregnant. I'll admit i was embarrassed at first but now i'm just really grateful and looking to give back. first i've just gotta figure out how to do that with the limited amount of time and stuff i have. now i'm rambling.. bye!!

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  1. hahahaha Oh goodness. I like the name of this post too lol